The Celiac Girls- Blog Post 2 Seeing the Specialist

So, our wait was not that long (usual is 3-6 months), since we accepted a last minute cancellation. I took the girls, and decided not to tell them their diagnoses. Why? Because I wanted to confirm that this was 100%. There are always false negatives. I knew the likelihood was not that common, but I was still hoping…. We met with the pediatric gastroenterologist, and she basically explained to me what Celiac was, what their test results were, what it meant for them, and that there was a small chance that they could just have the “sensitivity.” Hillary more so … Continue reading The Celiac Girls- Blog Post 2 Seeing the Specialist

The Celiac Girls Blog Post 1: Finding Out

Well, after 8 years of gluten free learning, it has become official. Official in the sense that I really do have to care. Not that I did not “care” about my husbands diagnosis, but he is an adult. Now I have two little girls that have a gluten allergy that I must pay extra attention to. I must find snack items that they can eat, and that they LIKE. I must try to make them not feel like they have a “disease” or feel left out. We will call it a “lifestyle change”… not a disease! My husband has been … Continue reading The Celiac Girls Blog Post 1: Finding Out

Sugar Beach, Toronto

Located in the bustling chaos of Toronto, where there is construction everywhere. However, there are so many hidden gems that are… kinda… worth the headache. I loathe driving into the city for many reasons. First of all, I am a straight up country girl.. where taking two hours to drive to a location means “day trip”. Second, I have a huge vehicle, which means parking and maneuvering around the city is a massive pain in the butt! and third, I am terrible, terrible at directions.. even Google can not help me half the times. If she could yell out frustrations … Continue reading Sugar Beach, Toronto

5 Fun Things to do in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario with KIDS!

I am a small town girl by heart.. grew up in SSM. It is a small, semi isolated town. Growing up, I was not a huge fanof the small town. Mainly because there was not a whole lot to do. With a population of 75,000 people, the closest major city was 3.5 hours away… Sudbury… which was not much bigger. After university, I opted to move to the Detroit area, which was 4 hours away. As a new nurse, I wanted a little more excitement and experience.  Now…25 some years later, I come to realize and appreciate the beautiful, picturesque, … Continue reading 5 Fun Things to do in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario with KIDS!

10 Fun Quirks of Motherhood

10. Surprise poops left in toilet… You thought fresh poop was fun.. wait. till you see logs left after a few hours. 9. It’s automatic and routine that you go to the bathroom with the doors open Until you remember you have a guest over… awkward… 8. You get in a fight at the grocery store.. And the only rebuttal you have is. “leave me alone”, “I told you so!” 7. Your favorite thing to do is troll FB posts by other parents.. And read the drama comments. 6. You learn new things people do.. By joining groups and scrolling … Continue reading 10 Fun Quirks of Motherhood

I cheated…… on my hairdresser.

Last minute.  Headed out for my 40th weekend trip with hubby.  Solo.  No kids.  Last minute decision to get my hair cut and styled. I don’t go to the salon religiously.  I could go months without a cut.  I guess I am not high maintenance.. .or I guess I just don’t have the time monthly. However, I do enjoy a fresh cut when I’m going to an event. It was my 40th birthday and my husband got a weekend trip to the Bahamas for us.  So, I called for a last minute hair appointment.  Needless to say, the gentleman that … Continue reading I cheated…… on my hairdresser.

Family Travel: Orange County, California- Part 1 PREP

Since our trip to New York was successful, we booked a flight to Orange County.  We kind of had to, because Grandma was turning  95 this year and she really wanted to see the kids.  The last time we were in California was when the twins were 12 months old.  So three years ago.  We picked February because it was close to grandmas birthday and it was Chinese New Year.  I wanted the children to experience the Chinese festivities. Traveling with a family of 5 kids and 2 adults can be stressful…who am I kidding??? It is fricken stressful!! It … Continue reading Family Travel: Orange County, California- Part 1 PREP