Fall in Love again

I don’t know where I want to go with this. I don’t know where I am.. At this point of time. I have pondered so many Thoughts and feelings That I should probably resign. Only to fall in love again. I love you though, never wanted to stoop so low.. But no matter how much love Is between us, hurt is Always there. Only to fall in love again. Something, I feel is missing From our connection. Even if fate is the projection. I don’t know if it is meant to be. Why it lasted this long.. I have faith, … Continue reading Fall in Love again

Wake Up

What we say comes with whimsical breath Comes with feeling- soft velvet touch We back away have neither- nor to say. So cold.  Getting old. Everything like a fairy tale Reading away, chapters, fading ink. Are we as golden, when miles apart How we touch, Will we be okay? Only when it is sunny and never when gray. Clouds consume us Are we dying? Together. Is there no hope, happiness.. Everything we spoke and dreamed Is now just a part of lost energy. Lost in space We dont know where we stand. If we can.. anymore Don’t want to give … Continue reading Wake Up

Pitiful Soul Searcher

Time stands still, As I stare off into the skies Clouded by the thoughts of When I am strangled in your arms of resentment. My heart aches believes That you are the one, My face knows that you are not. You have created a monsterous soul. Painting me of who I am today, or who I believe I could be tomorrow. It is so simply complicated. I don’t, can’t and will never understand. I am thirsty for more, Scars and pain because I know that’s all I can get. I am already battered by the love you do not give. … Continue reading Pitiful Soul Searcher

Dear Father

Dear Father, I will always be your little girl. You will always be my father. Who was never there. Never had a care. To call or contact in any way. You left me when I was three. Thirty seven years. Blood on the welcome mat.. of Shedding bitter tears… Knuckles bleeding.. My eyes see you.. I do not know you So leave me be. I am not hurt, As you can surely see. I do not hate you. I am free. No memories made So none forgotten. Did you think of us, As you lived your wonderful life. Dreams of … Continue reading Dear Father

Where Do We Go From Here

Will you sit on my door step and wait for me to come home? Will you call and leave me a message, So I can hear your voice alone. Will you stay by my side, Until I take my last breath. Do you love me enough To be with me till death? Please take my hand, Hold it tight. Make me understand, Why we always fight The promises made And now they are dust. The promises made, And now there is no trust. What can I do To break your wall? What can I do So that you will call? … Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here