Sugar Beach, Toronto

Located in the bustling chaos of Toronto, where there is construction everywhere.

However, there are so many hidden gems that are… kinda… worth the headache. I loathe driving into the city for many reasons. First of all, I am a straight up country girl.. where taking two hours to drive to a location means “day trip”. Second, I have a huge vehicle, which means parking and maneuvering around the city is a massive pain in the butt! and third, I am terrible, terrible at directions.. even Google can not help me half the times. If she could yell out frustrations like my husband does when I drive, she totally would! I find that when there is a lot of people, I get really stressed. Managing 5 kids in stressful enough at my house.. imagine at a few hundred or thousand other people to the mix… and I only have two hands…

I absolutely love all of the adventure that the city has to offer. So many quirky little restaurants, and unique experiences like the Poop Cafe! I do not mind traffic, it is just being “stuck” in traffic for hours is when my armpits really start sweating! For the most part, I tend to find activities to do further north, where there is more space and less people.

So when I must make the the trek to the city, I find “other” things to do to make the drive worthwhile.

I have seen “Sugar Beach” on IG for many years, and finally I get to visit! Sugar Beach is an urban “beach park”, located right across from the Redpath Sugar Refinery, hence the name.

The beautiful sugar like white sand makes you feel as though you are walking through in a tropical oasis.. The flamingo pink umbrellas… the sound of the waves crashing.. all you need is a tall dark and handsome man with glistening abs of steel to bring you a nice cold beverage!

Just as it gets hot, and sweat beads down your forehead, you want to jump into the water directly ahead… umm.. sorry… no water that you can jump into.

It is basically big, glorified sandbox. Don’t get me wrong…. a beautiful, majestic sandbox… but only a mini splash pad if you wanted to get wet.

You can easily get lost in the day, if I would of thought to bring beverages, snacks and a book. However, we only had a couple hours to kill so here we were there mainly for touristy picture.

The board walk is peaceful and shaded for a nice stroll or you can watch the freighters go by.

The moments were serene, and I lounged in the wooden Muskoka chairs, toes caressing the sand, people watching, listening to my kids play in the sand.

It was an humble experience to enjoy a beach like atmosphere in the city.
Definitely cross that off my bucket list!

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