10 Fun Quirks of Motherhood

10. Surprise poops left in toilet…

You thought fresh poop was fun.. wait.

till you see logs left after a few hours.

9. It’s automatic and routine that you go to the bathroom with the doors open

Until you remember you have a guest

over… awkward…

8. You get in a fight at the grocery store..

And the only rebuttal you have is.

“leave me alone”, “I told you so!”

7. Your favorite thing to do is troll FB posts by other parents..

And read the drama comments.

6. You learn new things people do..

By joining groups and scrolling through

Facebook posts.

5. You have saved over 4000 posts on Pinterest..

And have not had a successful one


4. You dress up to go to Wal-Mart.

3. You are envious of women who wear heels.

2. Your nighttime routine is spending time on Facebook, drinking wine, then Pinterest, then candy crush… the Facebook one last time.

1. You have a huge wine rack and a wine fridge that is always empty.

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