Terre Bleu Lavender Farm Review


My personal review of Terre Bleu Lavender Farm.


Isn’t life nowadays revolved around social media?  Greatest pics, most shares, what to do, how to do, you get my drift. 


I love Lavender.  I love natural beauty.  That is why I went.  I put it on my bucket list of things to do this summer… Now I can check it off!  #Goals.

Bloom time is from mid July to August.

I thought it would be a nice outing for the family as well.  Well.. I kinda had to bribe them. This was clearly a “mommy outing”.


They have a variety of different lavender plants… all beautiful.


It was about a 50 minute drive from the Wonderland area on the 407 mid day.

We arrived and there were about 50 cars in the parking lot… it was Tuesday.  The line was in their gift store, about 5 people deep.  It was not too bad, but went rather slow. 

I heard it was nuts on the weekends as I avoid everything in the GTA on weekends.  Nightmare for a family with lots of kids!

$10 per person to get in.  2 and under free.  Which I thought was a little pricey.   I get it, it goes to the farmers… I’m just saying. 
For six of us.. 4 kids, 2 adults.. $60 bucks.  No INTERACT!!  Cash or credit card!


Gift Shop
The gift shop was beautiful.  Full of locally made bath bombs, lavender
honey, tea, jam, cheese…everything lavender of course. A 5ml bottle of lavender essential oil wad $20… a little pricey… But I’m sure it will be a heavenly scent.
** Oh and don’t forget to purchase your ice cream with your admission.. or else you have to stand in line again.**

Lavender ice cream.. … mmmmmm… $5 bucks each.  I mean…. it was organic… and delish….  None of my kids wanted to share!!!!



We wandered the fields on our own, I did not think they could tolerate the tour.  We took pictures, went and saw the bees, and herb area…


Total Travel Time
It was maybe 40minutes without traffic.

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it?  We got some great photos!!! But for 6 of us… probably not. 

Maybe if they had a 10 and under fee… or if cost was $5 for everyone… I don’t know. TOTAL cost for 6 of us, admission and ice cream was about $100.

Ice cream was in a waffle cone and maybe could of been in regular cones for a couple bucks cheaper? $5 bucks a cone stings after a $10 per person admission.

For the long drive and the cost… I would personally say I would not do it again. 

However, it was beautiful and majestic.  



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