I cheated…… on my hairdresser.

Last minute.  Headed out for my 40th weekend trip with hubby.  Solo.  No kids.  Last minute decision to get my hair cut and styled.

I don’t go to the salon religiously.  I could go months without a cut.  I guess I am not high maintenance.. .or I guess I just don’t have the time monthly.

However, I do enjoy a fresh cut when I’m going to an event.

It was my 40th birthday and my husband got a weekend trip to the Bahamas for us.  So, I called for a last minute hair appointment. 

Needless to say, the gentleman that normally cuts my hair was off.  I didn’t really care who cuts my hair.  I’m not usually picky. 
For me, it is all the same…. except this one time, I learned a painful lesson.

Now, I TOTALLY understand why some people have special relationships with their hair stylists.

Mistakes of cheating on your hair stylist aka my hair lover.

First of all, my appointment was 30 minutes late.  My hair lover would of respected my time.  He never would of  intentionally let me sit there waiting for him.

Small talk
Almost like a first date.  I dread the small talk.  What’s your favorite colour, what’s your favorite food, what do you like to do… blah blah blah… it gets old… they can’t help it.  It’s no ones fault. But it sure makes you appreciate your hair lover.  Even if I haven’t seen him for months- we pick up where we last left off.

He gets me.  My hair lover “gets” me. 
I show my cheater the picture of my desired cut.  She kinda tilts her head… back and forth she paces.. she kinda gets it, but I’m not quite sure how to read her face.  My hair lover would tell me truthfully.. if it was for me… if it was doable.
And she wants to do a “dry cut”. ok… whatever that means.  She sends me over for a wash.  Another lady does the wash… which is almost like a luxurious massage.  It was heavenly. 
I am in total relaxation mode… now I am to get a comb out.  She combs my hair… and my ear.  Yup.  My EAR. 
Ok….. a bit of discomfort- not going to lie.  Almost made me tear up. I then wonder to myself how many times did I comb my daughter’s ear… maybe this was paybacks… never.  I never combed my daughter’s ear. 

Honest mistake… but then she does it again!  Like seriously lady, what the F!  I kinda cringe and make a little jolt because combing the same ear kinda hurt a bit more.  Now, don’t get me wrong… my ears are not big… nor are they sticking out… So how this is happening… I have no idea!

I don’t want to whine or complain… at least not until she is DONE cutting my hair!

She then combs my other ear and now I am pissed.  I stop making small talk so she can fricken concentrate on what she is doing!

Finally, she starts blow drying my hair.  I was relieved to see her put the weapon down until I feel a hot burning sensation on the back of my head!  LADY!! Seriously??  I move my head from her other hand held weapon of choice.  I feel as though I am in a war zone!

She clearly was not paying attention to me! Or my head! Now, I am dreading the rest of this cut as I see her take out the straightener. 
She yelled out to her co worker to ask them to check out her client who had color setting. I felt sorry for that lady!

Ok, it wasn’t like I was at a cheap salon.  I get it when newbie hair dressers do this- but I have never experienced this before.
I don’t know if this was due to her being in a hurry, or if this is her usual. 
I now understand why people are religious about their hair dressers. 

Next time, I will plan ahead.  Next time , I will think twice about cheating!



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