Wake Up


What we say
comes with whimsical breath
Comes with feeling- soft velvet touch
We back away
have neither- nor to say.

So cold. 
Getting old.

Everything like a fairy tale
Reading away, chapters, fading ink.
Are we as golden,
when miles apart
How we touch,
Will we be okay?

Only when it is sunny
and never when gray.
Clouds consume us
Are we dying?

Is there no hope, happiness..
Everything we spoke and dreamed
Is now just a part of lost energy.
Lost in space
We dont know where we stand.
If we can.. anymore

Don’t want to give up.
Or give in.
All that was put into
Now a slow tortorous death

Draining out
Before it is all gone,
Before it is too late.

Pull the plug on the voices
Before we all wake.

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