Pitiful Soul Searcher


Time stands still,
As I stare off into the skies
Clouded by the thoughts
When I am strangled
in your arms of resentment.
My heart aches believes
That you are the one,
My face knows that you are not.

You have created a monsterous soul.
Painting me of who I am today,
or who I believe I could be tomorrow.
It is so simply complicated.
I don’t, can’t and will never understand.

I am thirsty for more,
Scars and pain because
I know that’s all I can get.
I am already battered
by the love you do not give.
Reach.  Reach for me..
Save me. From…
You are all I need,
To survive the flood
Of the salty ocean on my face.

The pathetic lies you whisper.
Your hideous laugh
And beastly eyes of disgust.
Innocent enough to delude me.

Again and again I am waiting..
Like a pitiful, helpless, lost soul
of disbelief and anger.
Hungry for your desire
or disgrace,
I am no longer for certain.

When you take my hand.
When will I guide myself.
Where will I go?
What will you say?
Why do I care?
Who are you?

When will I get my strength?
Will I ever prepare..
For the life and the light
And the gleam of defeat in your eyes.

I will only taste until I have my meal.

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