Dear Father


Dear Father,

I will always be your little girl.
You will always be my father.

Who was never there.
Never had a care.

To call or contact in any way.

You left me when I was three.
Thirty seven years.

Blood on the welcome mat.. of
Shedding bitter tears…
Knuckles bleeding..

My eyes see you..
I do not know you
So leave me be.

I am not hurt,
As you can surely see.

I do not hate you.
I am free.

No memories made
So none forgotten.

Did you think of us,
As you lived your wonderful life.

Dreams of a real father,
Was made by the knife.

Times were tough,
But we didn’t care.

We all had one another..
No heartache to spare.

I never knew you
So I never knew you weren’t there

We were all so resiliant
From the frosty air

Thoughts and dreams of a father
Was something to spare.

Were you real or a shadow outside
Everything about you was
killed by my mothers pride.

Sometimes my children ask,
And I don’t know what to say..

Maybe I will meet you
But not today.

Maybe I will meet you,
Your eyes closed.

Knowing your daughters
Only if time froze.

Dear Father, it’s too late.
You can’t create the past.

What has happened, happened..
Now we have grown up too fast.

Are you full of regret?
That you did not attempt

Is your heart heavy with…
Only you would know.

As you sit in that chair
Chemicals in your vein

The clock is ticking
You are going insane.

Not much you can do
With little energy to pursue..

I feel persecuted.
But you really had no clue.

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