It was weird the way we met.

The first time was out of the blue.

The second time, it stayed.

You sparkled something new.

He praised and adored you.

Like the sweet taste of your inner.

You wonder how it is going to end.

Or does he just turn out a sinner.

It is quite the interesting path to stroll.

It is always wonderful to see new sights.

You have gone a long way without much love.

But you overflow with the affection to fight.

Someone who wants to give so much love.

But you just don’t feel the same.

You just don’t want to hurt him that way.

He wants to settle down, as you just finished playing another game.

His eyes are like the ocean,

He knows exactly what you want,

His face, like a portrait of emotion.

That you painted in your sleep.

You know the conclusion of this book,

The pages are tattered and torn.

Many chapters in between.

As he eagerly turns the pages, another you is born.

August 5, 1996

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