Which way to go, when you have
Not a clue. Which way to go, when you
have no path to choose.
I wander the night, and
sometimes in the day.  In search
For something, perhaps the right way.
How can I tell you, without making you
Worry.  How can I tell you, without scaring you away.

I wonder.  All the time.  Thinking about you.  I search, into my lonely heart, to see if you are really there.  I cry myself to sleep, as the memories float on by.
I wake myself, in the middle of the night, hoping my dreams are not true.

I dream of you and I, together.  Smiling, and laughing hand in hand.  Sometimes, I wish that I was there.  Sometimes, I wonder if you really care.

You never seem to share with me, your life as it is real.  I seem to live this fantasy.  That we will stay true.
Life would not be real, if it were cut and dry.  So maybe, savor the feeling, the words that you have not to say.

The thoughts of us are wandering.  In this forest that I have created.  I like that place.  I can’t help but to dream, to imagine us there.  In that place.

It was me and you, on the warm sand.  The moonlit sky.  We had not a clue.  We were in the moment.  Nothing else mattered.

As the calm waters caressed me, the waves singing sweet songs.  As they got stronger, my heart raced.  The adventure of darkness brought us closer.

The waves grew stronger, as we did not know what to do.  The waves started crashing in, getting more furious as the night became a dark hole.

I no longer knew you.  But I felt safe with you.  I wanted to take that journey with you.  We went to wonderful places.  Even though we could not find our way.   It was beautiful, even in the midnight.

You started chasing me.  I was running away.  I wanted you to catch me.  I wanted to know that you were there.  In the night, in the darkness, in the cold.

I thought you had me, but you were not there.  I thought you were holding me, but it was just the wind.
Those were the days, I wish you were here.  I thought you were here.
But when I opened my eyes, I saw the truth.  The canvas that you had already created.

It was not with me.

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