Miles Apart

I know it will be difficult,

When you are a long ways away.

Nothing means more to my heart,

Than what your words have to say.

I promise you today…

It’s a long path that we must walk,

and with one another, we will be fine.

We will just have to stick together,

and always be side to side.

I promise you tomorrow.

Don’t be sorry, and don’t be sad,

Forever will be our destiny.

Hand in hand, you will be with me.

Our smiles and our laughter will guide us.

I promise you happiness.

The days and nights will be tough,

When I can’t touch your pain.

To make you feel my warmth,

To make everything better again.

I promise you no pain.

The path we paved with our bricks,

Will wait for our soles to walk,

The feeling I have are so deep,

The love I give is yours to keep.

I promise to stay on my feet.

Some days will be so distant and cold,

The nights as well, will be lonely…

You won’t be there to hold me,

or to be with me when I cry.

I promise you are my only guy.

I will be here waiting.

And you will come to rescue me.

With my heart in my hand,

I will be here waiting..

To run away, with you.



October 30, 1996

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