“Mean Girls”


SO I had promised my six year old daughter that she could have her nails done at a  salon for her birthday- a week ago..

We finally we get around to doing it today.  We arrive at the nail salon and  there are three  older women working, with one younger lady at the desk.  She was very polite and told us it was going to be a twenty minute wait.  I hate waiting.  I hate waiting with my six year old who has a bedtime of  7pm… and right now… it is 6:45.

Some days there are exceptions… I promised her I would get it done and here I am.

We sat there quietly watching videos, and picking out colours.  She was rubbing her eyes, and I asked her if she wanted to go home and she adamantly said no.  So we waited… and waited…

She picked a pink shade of sparkle for her manicure and different shade of sparkle for her pedicure.  Shortly after an overly loud woman walks in asking the lady at the desk how long the wait was. The young lady at the desk said about 15 minutes.  I thought to myself- wow, unless someone was coming in to help them- that did not sound realistic to me. The loud woman said ok, and that she would be right back…  never did she mention WITH two others.

We sat there as my daughter picked out my toe nail polish…..  a beautiful shade of green sparkle.  Green.  I looked like Fiona.  I gave my shade to the young desk lady-who kindly gave me a look and laughed.  I whispered to her that my daughter picked it out- and she squeeled- “what a great choice!”.

Finally our turn came, my daughter and I sank our feet into the wonderful bliss of bubbly foot bath.  We giggled, laughed and enjoyed our time together.. then out of nowhere, the loud, rough sounding voice echoed the huge room…. something along the lines of “it has been fifteen minutes”…she said “don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be difficult, but you said fifteen minutes and now it is twenty minutes”…

Are you serious right now?

The poor lady at the desk apologized.. and came to speak to my pedicure lady.  I did not understand what they said to eachother.  The desk lady returned to the group of three disgruntled customers. My pedicurist looked at me, shaking her head in disbelief.   She whispered to me in disbelief.. “they are so mean”.. in her broken english. You can tell that they were scared.

That loud lady complaining was so boisterous and one hundred percent obnoxious.  Get a grip woman!

A few minutes later she started going off again, at the poor young lady at the desk. Saying “who are you?  are you the manager?  are you the CEO of this company?  I have been coming here longer than you have been here and I was told the wait was 15 minutes and blah blah blah… f this, f that..”

I could not handle it.  I could not handle three grown ass woman bulleying this poor young woman at the front desk who was simply translating wait times to these three grown ass woman who were in a dire hurry to get their nails done.

I GET IT.  They were told fifteen minutes. It was going to be a longer wait.. you don’t like it, you leave.  Simple.  Don’t go on a terrorist rampage in a nail salon! Would you do that in a restaurant? I certainly wouldn’t want to be your waitress.. or would I?

Nope, she continues to go balls a blazing. At this point, I was fuming.  I held back because my daughter was present.  I yelled.  Very loudly… but in a nice motherly way… I said “DO YOU MIND?”  “I have my CHILD HERE.. CONTAIN YOURSELF”..  What I wanted to really say was STFU lady, take your possy and go eat some grass….. but I couldn’t swear or initiate such a scene in front of my daughter.  These women were truly angry and it escalated quickly for this poor desk lady.

I couldn’t just sit there and listen to that. No one deserves to be treated that way. It is not like she wss even considerate that there was a child present.  She did see us sitting there waiting as well.  After I said what I said, the LADY then goes off on ME!  Which I kind of expected.  But I wanted to take the heat off the poor lady at the counter.

The LADY said to me “who are you??? and don’t talk to me like that, you could of told me nicely, just sit down”..  I laughed.. because I was clearly sitting down already.. … I told her that.  It did not make her happy.  I was frustrated that I could not understand what she saying to her friends.  She continued to mumbling anger in her language to the two other friends.   I just sat there and laughed to myself.

My daughter called them “the mean girls”.  Precisely.  Girls that were very inconsiderate of other people.

Really.. I had a rough fricken week, and I was simply trying to spend time with my daughter and didn’t want to start shit for us.  I would never want to put my daughter in jeopardy but I could not simply sit there and watch this.

The young lady at the desk was frustrated, or angry.. or embarresed or sad… she left the salon.  Probably to get a breather.  She same back and was relieved by who appeared to be her manager.

Oh gosh… here I again… in a life situation where I had to explain my actions to my child.

The ladies stayed and waited to get their nails done.  SERIOUS??  I wish it was a restaurant.

After her friend eyeballed me a few times, I was ready to go ape shit.  I was already mad.  The manager spoke to the lady and the lady somewhat apologized to the air.  She continued to degrade the poor desk lady… whatever… to each their own.

I was a ER nurse.  I was faced with “wait time” challanges every day.  Those people were sick.  This lady wanted her nails done and was sure as hell “entitled” to have it done.  I understand the wait time was communicated poorly, but don’t take wait times for face value.

Seriously.. where are you from?  We all know when the waiter says five minutes, he really means ten.  And for God sakes, don’t take it out on the wrong person.

The desk lady was not in control of doing anyones nails… she was simply relaying information.  If you don’t like the service, then leave!! Nail salons are a dime a dozen. There are as many nail salons on every corner as there are Tim Horton’s.

Regardless of what was said, or how you felt, or who did wrong… be cognizant of people around you.  My poor six year old was having her belated birthday nails done, spending time with her mommy- when one brassy, inconsiderate, impatient, grown ass woman had a full fledged temper tantrum.

When I got into the car with my daughter…  I started the conversation with…”do you know what happened in there”… “yup mommy!  I got my nails done!”.. wow I was glad.

But she did go on to saying that there were mean girls in there.  I said “do you know why mommy got mad?”.. she said “yes mom, I know”.

I said “honey, when I ask you to stick up for your sisters when someone is picking on them, this is what I mean..”  “don’t let anyone be mean or rude to you or your sisters”.

I was still angry and frustrated when I got home.  I was one of “those” people who pressed “record” on my phone.  I wanted so bad to blast those ladies on social media…but I didn’t.

I thought of many different scenarios of how I could of handled things differently, and the whole incident replayed in my mind a thousand times.

Maybe I should of paid it forward by giving up our spots.

Maybe I should of paid for one of their manicures before I left.

Maybe….. I don’t know…. life always has so many lessons for us everyday.

It is sad that we had to experience this.  I know it comes with business, but everyone is human.  Be humble.  Be classy.  You are not entitled.

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