The Woes of Parenting

We had quite the stressful week in this household.  The weekend was here and it was time to relax and have fun- right?

Families of children in hockey know the life. Cold arena after cold arena.

This weekend was the weekend of final games for both my boys in house league hockey.  We had our seven year old play at 10am and our oldest at 315.  To top it off, it was our 6 year old girls birthday.

My husband and I should of known, that with such a busy week ahead of us, a few drinks on a Friday night was probably not the best idea.  However, like I said, it was a stressful week with maybe one too many glasses of wine.  Hence my site name…. happy hour.  Whenever I really want to be happy, it is the hour! Kidding….not kidding.

Saturday started off with a bang.  Our first game we were winning 2-1.  Last ten seconds the other team scores and ties it up.  6 minutes into overtime… they score.  Quite unfairly- might I add… (the puck was being held by the goalie and the ref should of blown the whistle but did not and someone jammed it in….) BUT it had to come to an end.  It  wasn’t like it was the  NHL or anything.  It was a house league bunch of seven year olds.

Well.. my sons team had been lingering in the first and second place seed all season… they boys were pretty upset.  In fact, one of the kids skated off to the corner of the rink, threw his gloves down,  threw his stick, and had a full fledged temper tantrum.  The coach had to carry him off the rink.  Not judging… this kid was passionate about this game…. good thing I was not judging….

My son, who scores quite a bit, usually is not bothered, but today… he held his tears back… until he got into the car.   Full fledged melt down.  He cried and cried.  I felt so bad for him, tears welt up in my eyes.

My husband and I did not know what to say.  Of course, we supported him and said it was okay to be upset, and that winning was  not everything, and blah blah blah.. usual stuff… but the tears continued for the 20 minute car ride.  It was kind of getting out of hand.

Wimpers continued throughout the day. My husband told him stories about the many times he lost in his life.  And that it was ok.

It is ok to lose.  Winning was not everything.  Typical response, right?

Holy cow, it was only noon.

Now, today was Grace’s birthday.  Thank goodness she was occupied with her cousins coming to visit her from Windsor- otherwise her 6th  birthday would of been spent in an arena.

I promised to take her to get her nails painted at a salon.  We usually do this for her birthday as a mommie and daughter sort of thing.  However, after coming back from the game, eating and frosting her cupcakes for her party tomorrow- it was time to go to my oldest sons hockey game.

His team was in the same position as my youngests team- they were in semi finals to see who was playing for gold tomorrow.  Of course, the game had been a hour behind and were sitting in the cold arena for two hours.  Thankfully we won, and I did not have two upset boys.
We always have the seven year old bragging about how many goals he gets.  My oldest has not scored for some time.  He plays defence, and gets many opportunities, but he helps the team out a lot.  My seven year old does not understand that.  Life is not always about getting the goal, and being the star player.  Life is about playing hard, having fun, and being a part of the team.  Win or lose.

So we rushed back from the arena, picked up Grace’s ice cream cake and headed home.  We always have a family birthday dinner on the actual birthday.  Thankfully my mom prepared us dinner.

As soon as soon as I got home, I am showered with questions from my six year old…..”ummmm mom.. why did I not get presents from everyone?”   GUURRRLLLLLLL!!!

I pulled her aside and said, Grace…

-birthdays are not meant for people to “expect” gifts from everyone.  Birthdays are for celebration, love, family and friendships.  Some people celebrate with gifts, some with parties, some with nothing but love-

My husband would and stuck his finger down his throat telling me that I sounded like Dr. Phil.

It is just amazing how as parents, we have to have these conversations with our children.

Expectations of entitlement?  I am not sure.  I think this is where, we as parents have to step in.  That is what makes us parents.  I do not remember having all these conversations with my mother or father growing up.. but I guess if you do not learn young, you will learn one day.

After dinner, my oldest wanted me to drive him to the gym so that he could play basketball with his friends and his cousin.  I just wanted to…… …..yes… have a beverage… relax…

Ughhh… I had to take Grace to the nail salon as promised, so driving the boys to the gym was not that big of a deal.  I would much rather him play basketball then, be inside and playing video games.

Nails salons closed.  ….Ugghhhh mom failure.  I had to break the news to birthday girl that what mommie promised to do will have to wait till tomorrow….”but it is my birthday today!!”…. Ughhhhh… let’s go have dessert…??  Thankfully she accepted that …

Grace had been complaining for the past month that she was “older” than her twin sister, but she went to bed at the same time as them… my kids go to bed at 7pm.  The seven year old at 8.. (only because he caught on that his friends go to sleep much, much later) .  So I told Grace, that today, on her birthday- she could stay up late, and every day forward she could stay up 15 minutes later.  She was happy with that.  However, at 8pm, she was constantly yawning and rubbing her eyes.  After dessert, passed out. hahaha…  early bedtime means more “me” time! Happy!

So now, it is ten at night, and I am putting the finishing touches on Grace’s cake for her party tommorow with her friends at 10.  At the same time, my husband will be taking one of the boys to his bronze medal game, while my teenager sleeps in till 12 before we head to the arena for his gold medal game…. and then the weekend is over. .

No one ever said parenting is easy.  At the end of the day, you see them breathing, you kiss them goodnight, you feel their warms, and see their mind at ease.  Your heart grows big, and the turmoils of the day dissipates. You take a deep breath and grab a glass of your favorite beverage… a new day tomorrow.

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