Review:  Pottery Party

  • Cost: $250 for 10 kids making a clay creation.
  • Time: 1.5 hours with instructor, moulding clay, sculpting clay, and painting clay.
  • Food:  Ordered own pizza for delivery, had a fruit tray and home made cupcakes.  Total cost $70
  • Loot bags:  $50 for 10
  • Total cost:  about $400

Glaze Craze, Richmond Hill, Ontario 

This is a review based on my own experience.  I am not being paid or compensated in any way.

Having five kids, birthday parties tend to rack up huge bills.  Fortunately 4 out of my 5 children’s birthdays are in the summer months. 

Our summer  birthday parties include, a couple of close friends, my good friends kids, and family.  In total, probably about 20 people.  Mainly adults.  We would have a barbeque, a pinata, and lots of food!  Home made food.

My daughters birthday is in March- she is given an option…   do you want a party and a little gift from mom and dad or do you want a small party and a big gift from mom and dad.  She always chooses to celebrate with her friends.

Last year, I had a birthday party at the house.  Only because I hate lugging stuff to a destination, and lugging it all back. 

It was a “Frozen” theme and I had Elsa and Ana come visit $200.  The kids loved it.    Elsa and  Ana sang songs, danced, and painted the childrens nails.   I had about twenty kids. The advantage was that we could invite a lot of people.  We also did not have to go anywhere.  The disadvantage was that I had 20 kids   ransack my house.  I also had a big clean up food wise.  I was ok with thay.  I am pretty laid back and not much in my house could be destroyed.  

  • Disadvantage was definately more stress in preparation.

This year, I did not want to make anything.  I did not want to entertain anyone.  Basically, I was being my lazy mom self and just wanted to go to a small venue and order minimal food, and come home.

I did not want to go to a “play place”.  I sort of loathe those places.  The kids do love it and it sure wears them out. However, I wanted more of a controlled enviroment.  I wanted everyone to be together.

Those play places are a germ fest. Someone always has diarrhea or the flu of some sort shortly after..  so we wanted to try something new this year.

I thought going to a pottery place would be something different.  Most are creative, right?

The children sat at a table and followed the instructions of a young lady.  She cut everyone a slab of clay and instructed everyone to mould it.  Easy enough. 

We had a couple parents stay and help. The four year olds really needed help basically following instructions.  The older kids were more creative and independent.  

The instructor gave great instructions for the kids to follow.  About 4 of the 10 kids lost interest.  They really did not want to paint the clay “three” times. They did not understand  that adding a lot of paint to it, made it more  “glazy”. 

They all did a great job, but they clay creation was to be left at the venue for two weeks to be “baked”.  Which defeated the whole excitement of having their creation on hand.  However, in two weeks- they will remember!  

After that, we washed up and had our pizza, chips, fruit and cake.  Very simple.

I enjoyed it.  It was very laid back and organized.  I would do it again, but maybe with 5 and 6 year olds, not junior and senior kindergardeners. 

The overall price was $25 a head for the venue and probably another 5-8 dollars for food and loot bags.  Which is about average.

With such a small venue, you are forced to have a limited number of people- which is great- when you are on a budget. However, if you had a no show you were kind of hosed with a minimum fee.  Although, they just didn’t pocket that money, you got a credit towards anything in the store. 

Also, it was suggested that you added a 10% gratuity.  Which was fair.

I give it a 7/10!


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