Rainbow Cupcake Cake 

My daughter wanted a rainbow cake.  I can not justify paying a hundred dollars on cake when I can make my own.  Granted, bought cake is simply beautiful.  But you can’t be sure that it will taste good unless you know them.

Having so many children means you have to cut corners here and there.  We bought an ice cream cake for the family birthday and that was $40.  But that is something you can’t really make.

I adore Pinterest.  I have over 14 thousands posts.  I probably read about 20-30% of them. You get lucky when you find the perfect one!

Such a sea of amazing ideas.  I did not find a “Rainbow cupcake” that I really liked.  None that really interest me so I kind of just winged it.

I made gluten free white cupcakes and chocolate regular cake.

I made both boxes brand according to the instructions.  I was pressed for time, as always.  I live on adrenaline.

I made this delicious “Cloud icing” for the first time.  It was divine!  Very simple to make as well!


I applied a generous first layer of white. Kind of like a base coat of spackle.

I then piped some of the white frosting and made a nice neat border.

Then I made a few different colors and piped across. VIOLA!  Easy.

Then I threw some miscellaneous sprinkles on top!

Everyone loved the “cloud” frosting!!

Happy little girls.  Frugal Mom.

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