Trying to be “Fit before Forty”

May 27th.   May 27th I will be 40.  I am not 130 lbs.  I do not have abs.  I have many wrinkles, and a muffin top.  My goal will probably not be met.

I started this weight loss journey after my second child.
That was six years ago.
I gained the most weight ever!  I had placenta previa and was a high risk pregnancy. I was on a lot of bed rest.  I took advantage of it.  I was sad, scared, and so darn hungry all. The.  Time.
I weighed about 130 pre “Jimmy”. After Jimmy, I was 170ish.  He was a pre term baby.  32 weeks.. I spent a lot of time in the NICU.

Due to the fact he was so early, I had a C-section.  So my recovery time was much more.  Not that I planned on working out anytime soon, but I am sure it contributed to my weight gain.

After about a year and a half I planned in going back to the gym.  I was really hesitant about spending money on a trainer and spending money for a monthly membership.  This was my first time seeking assistance from anyone.

My trainer “sold” me on getting sessions.  One because I was able to pay it off over time, and two he was motivating.

I started my regime three times and week.  I did not follow a specific diet plan.  Not because I did not want to, but because I did not know any better at the time. I was addicted.  I liked the extra push.  I liked having one on one time.  What I liked most about my trainer?  He was able to get me going.  He pushed me the extra mile when it got tough.  He made me accountable. And…most important, he told me stories.

I enjoy stories.  I like to listen to them and I like to tell them.  I am working hard, I can’t  breath, and someone is telling me stories of their life adventure that makes me laugh. It makes the time go by a lot faster.  Especially if you are in agony.

Fast forward to today… two pregnancies, and three girls later.

My last, pregnancy of multiples surely set my weight off the grid.  In addition, I was high risk, on low activity rest, and it was a c-section.

Having multiples meant endless nights of sleep. If one was sleeping, one was awake.  They just kept you constantly busy.  The first year after the twins exercise was the furthest from earth for me.

It may of been a year in a half or two before I started back on my weightloss journey.

I tried the Dukan diet, the Military diet, Adkins, Weight Watchers, cleanses, and shakes.  I would lose the weight here and there, but never to satisfaction.

I was 120lbs at my best after college.  My goal was to get to 130.  Maybe it was not realistic, but it was definately a goal.   At this time I was 160.

I tried cardio kick boxing.  I was in love.  It was different from everything I have ever tried.  There was a fifteen minute warm up which included running, burpees, squats, ducks, jumps… you name it.  The music was loud and my heart was pumping.  They said if you surviced the warm up you were golden.

Then it was 30 minutes of drills to a stand alone bag.  Jabs, jab-cross, kicks, round house kicks, and much more.  This at the same time taught you defence.

Then 15 minutes of focus on legs, or core, in addition to partner work.  Which was my favorite part.  I sweat in places I never knew possible.

After 6 months, I definately was more tone.  My weight dropped by about 10 lbs.  Most important though, I really, really enjoyed it.  However, my arms were getting worn from the same repetitive movements.

Reebok Crossfit

Lifting weights.  It was very intimidating.  Walking into a huge gym where 80% of the people were fit.  Fit meaning no flab.

Trainers would work with a group of 10-15 people of all levels.  They would teach you the basic technique of what was on schedule for that day.  Deadlifts, squats, etc.

Then you had 15 minutes of random warmup. Lets  talk about skipping.  Not just normal skipping, but double unders.  I loathe double unders.  I basically whipped my ass every time.  The more frustrated I got, the harder I would accidently whip myself.

I describe crossfit as pure torture.  Haha, kidding.  It was hard.  I have a hard time remembering things, so I kept doing techniques wrong.  Frustrating for me, and the coach. The coach once said to “, you have  been here for six months… you don’t know what a split  jerk is?   There are so many different combinations.  It was quite difficult for me to get it together.  Especially since this was all new to me.
I did enjoy it though.  Seeing the super fit elites inspired me.  However, many of them were very seasoned, in their own world, with their goals of competing.

At this time I was runnjng 5k’s out rhe wazoo.  My first was the Color Run-where you got sprayed with color.  Myself, and three of my girlfriends had a blast.

My second, was the Electro Run- 5k at night- which was a blast as well, in the pouring rain!

Then I moved on to Obstacle Runs

Waaaay fun!  Foam Fest was my first.

Then a mud run.

I usually last about 6 months anywhere. I get bored easily.  The times were also not convenient for me.  Classes were late in the evening.  Having five kids- after 3pm is witching hours.     Witching meaning that all my kids turn into evil, super snatches.

I still loved  crossfit.  I actually liked it a lot more than many of the other classes I took.  However, the last one being a tad bit far, and times were not ideal, and a little expensive $160 per month plus tax!)  It simply did not work for me.

I loved lifting.   I loved the challange. I loved seeing myself improve every week by adding more and more weights.

As for results,  I was  definately more toned and 100% more strong.  My core, and my arms were much improved.  My weight.. still hovering in the the same spot.

It was time for a change.

Hot Yoga

Yoga was  challanging for me as well.  I simply could not bend the ways some did.  But again, I wanted to try something different.  I wanted to slow down the pace.

I attended a few classes, maybe a month of yoga.  It was “ok”. I just felt as though I was never getting anything out of it. Maybe it was just too slow pace for me. Maybe it was a bit far.

The Village Gym

Seven minutes from my house.  My girlfriend  I use to  kickbox with was trying it out so  I joined as well.  The gym was small.  Not what  I was use to.  There was only one trainer.  BUT it was seven minutes from my house.  I requested earlier times, he was accomodating. It was usually one or two people in the class.  10 minutes of warm up, and    minutes of  strength training and then a 15 minute curcuit.

A year.  I stayed there for a year!  My longest ever.  I liked the trainer.  Although he did not have any good stories to tell, he listened and laughed to mine.  The reason why he did not have any stories was because he was just a baby.  Early twenties.

His dieting theory was to eat in moderation.  He frowned upon diets, shakes, pills, etc.  I got along with him, his classes were personal, and he made me work.  He was very knowlegable.

Momentum lost

I lost my momentum when I took two months off.  I was stuck in my renovations, traveling, and training for my half marathon in October.  22km.  The most I ran straight was 10km.   A month of training… and… 2 hours and 40 mins later.. I achieved my bucketlist.  My goal was 2.30minutes.   Pretty impressive for a month of training!

I went back to the gym for a few more months, but I had to break up with him. Result wise, I was way stronger.  I was doing impressive deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.  I made some great friends, but my body was simply not responding any more.  Weight wise..still the same..

I looked into Orange Theory, and 9Rounds.  They both sounded interesting however, they were both just opening in the area.  I did not want to wait.



Fast forward to today.  The struggles are real.   I joined a gym.  I hated gyms.  I could never motivate myself.  I did not know what to do, or how to do it.  I was bored,  I had no friends…. it was a mess.

However, I knew I needed a change.  I chose this gym because they had a variety of classes.  Core, Pilates, Yoga, Weights, Cycling, and they had a pool! I could also work on my own if I wanted to…and they had a SPA!  How could you pass that up??  oh… and they had a restaurant that made healthy food options… salads, smoothies… breakfast… my dream place.

So far, I tried every class.  It is just trying to adjust to different teachers, different techniques.  They sure had a lot of classes at various hours.  It was ideal.

My one hour work out now became two and a half hours!   Twenty minutes of cardio, them I did machine weights for 30-45 minutes.  After that I went into a steam sauna for 10-15 minutes, then showered, and then put my face on. It felt good.  Every once in a while I break up the monotany by attending a class or going swimming.

Every  Monday, I weighed myself.  Three weeks in, and it has not moved.  I am staying strong at 150.

We will see what happens!  Thanks for tuning in!  I will keep you updated when I figure it out.

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