Renovations: Day 6 and 7- Muck off!

Well, yesterday I was so exhausted I passed out as soon as I got home.

I was almost out the door to the flip destination 35 minutes away. The kids woke up early and eagerly wanting to go help.  Their first day off of school… I had a lot to do but I felt tremendously guilty.

We (the two boys and I) went to the local Home Depot to get a stump grinder and paint.  I needed instant gratification. I purchased some annuals so that I can see some curb appeal.  It’s been a week and I feel as though I got nothing accomplished. The flowers made me feel better.

I sanded the muck I put up on the walls. Yes, now it is muck.  Going up, it’s icing. Coming’s muck.  Apparently I was way too liberal on my application…. Ahhh well.. Almost like a cake- except putting it on was fun.., taking it off was a bitch.  I handed sanded for about thirty minutes until the lightbulb turned on and I used my “mouse”… It was great!! Got the should two rooms done in less than an hour. Paint ready for hubby.
I finished removing the rocks from around the stumps so that I did not get a shower of rocks to my legs- and started to remove the stone bricks that were around my stumps.It was a semi short day… 12-5.   

Today… Canada day- roof was completed. Yaayyy… Hubby said the progress was amazing.  I didn’t see it because I was there all week.  He said it looked great.

I painted my cabinets a beautiful grey, and he painted the walls. (Remember this!)

Then….. I moved on to removing STUMPs!! Best thing ever!!!  It took me a while to figure it out.  Too many buttons. Instructions…?? Who read that!?

First they (Home Depot) gave me “chaps”….

Looked hawt.

I couldn’t get the damn thing started. 30 minutes, I got frustrated.  I called my savior….. My handy dandy contractor.  He is the nicest man ever! On his day off, came in five minutes… To turn on a red button that said “on”.  Typical.

Whoa this thing roared. And it weighed at least 200 lbs.  But it was amazing.  I just had little stumps- gone.

We had to tidy up and get home- for it was Canada Day.  We had to buy fireworks for the kids.  A tradition dad started.

Yaaa baby!!

Happy Canada Day!

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