Renovations: Day 5- de-feeted

Starting to feel pressure.   I have yet to get the application submitted for legalizing the apartments.  That will be on my to do for tomorrow- along with a million other things such as get a stump grinder, get paint, rollers, returned broken chainsaw… All before the long weekend!!! Ahhhhhh

So much to do, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

My husband and I had a meeting.  We are going to focus on one room at a time. Finish the kitchen and living room first. Focus.

Garage doors replaced… Hopefully no more critters get in.  Secondary ceiling walls are up (for fire code). Second bedroom wall is beginning…. There’s progress….

Today the kids were with me.  They were unbelievably well behaved.  However,it did slow me down since I was forced to break.  However, family first… And being able to have my two boys help and be there with me is a blessing.  The three girls at home with nana is where my guilt lay.  I don’t know how working parents do it.  I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom.  This is my first time being away for days at a time.  I get home and the girls are already sleeping. Big kisses while they dream away… ❤️

My meeting with my ever so dirty feet. Yard work in flip flops is probably not so safe.

Cleaned out the flower beds.  Used my hatchet to the roots, and uncovered a dirt and rock mix! Who does that?!?

Old garage doors.

We are starting to slowly uncover the beauty under this mess.  One week in, three weeks to go.   So much to do. Where is my glass?

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