Renovations:Day 4-kit’chen it up a notch

Busy day as new windows were being installed at my primary residence.  I had to be home for the first part.

Get the kids to school, come home, do some laundry catch up, clear the bedrooms for the window guys, then take off.

I totally forgot to transfer the utilities to my name- so spent an hour going that. Then off to Home Depot… My favorite store… Well ok- not my favorite store- but my favorite thing to do.  Shop!!

“Excuse me sir… I have to repaint cabinets… And I need to sand it apparently… What do I use?”

“Steel wool”

“Whoa.. And that sounds like a lot of work”

I’m not really lazy.  Just a little.  My workout/training coach would laugh.  He knows my favorite workouts are:

1. Laying down

2. Less than 5 reps

3. Not so much counting…

I just like to get the work done in a time efficient manner.

So…the Home Depot man sold me a “mouse” By Black and Decker.  Sooooo much fun!

Before photo


Sanded all the cabinet doors.  Now getting ready to pick a color. I hate white kitchens!  I’m leaning towards a light grey.  I lovvve Pinterest!

My attention span is short- off I go outside to break the monotony of dust.

Outside to do some yard work.  I cut down a lot of the brush the other day.. So today I cleaned up a lot of that.

How to get the deep roots out??  How to release inner frustrations? Got my inner anger out with this special tool. Sooo rewarding. And it was raining! How fun.

Time went by fast.  Tonight was skating class for the girls so I jetted home.  Early day.  Tomorrow kids will be off.  And summer break begins!

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