Renovations: Day Three-spackle me

Met the contractor on site. He’s working hourly. Saw a squirrel in the garage ceiling… He was not taking a nap. Saw two mice who died a slow painful death of trapping themselves in areas they could not get out. The bird on the windowsill is still there. I’m not sure whether it is sitting on eggs. It better be, considering I left the crazy Ivy there just for the bird.

Today I “spackled”. I asked the contractor what the official name for what I was doing was… He said “ohhhhh yes..(smartass)… It’s called filling holes”.

No… It’s called “icing the cake”. I may have over iced.

Then I removed all of the cabinet knobs…. With my power tool…

There was a lot of mouse terd. A LOT.

The shingles for the roof came. I missed the crane that dropped the shingles on the roof. I was trying to register my son for summer camp, trying to get supplies, trying to transfer the utilities over, trying to wrap my mind around this house flipping mess I got myself into.

I continued out to finish my yard work… I definitely needed headphones. However, listening to my mind was entertaining as well.

I was not able to dig out the stupid roots. I manicured ten years of teenage wild brush… now I’m trying to think of the best, most cost efficent way to landscape….

Tomorrow is going to be a short day. I have to be at my real house to supervise window installation then head back over to the reno home to work and then be back home in time to take the girls skating.

Sighhhh…where is my beverage.

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