Renovations: Day two-trim the bush 

Today was going to be a whopping 33 degrees.  I left three of the children with my mom at home and too the 6 year old.  He can get a little out of hand for nana.

Today’s goal was to finish cutting trees and clearing the brush and my husband was to take down the big walk in closets system.

I dropped my husband off at the house and took the boys to this community day fishing event.  Balance.

Came to the house, cleared brush, and cut trees.

We called Dirty Deeds dumpster for them to pick up the closet system.  I helped move a lot of heavy stuff.  My 12 year old son watched in amazement while I out lifted this man… My son told him “my mom works out”.  I’m kidding.  I didn’t outlift him, but I did work equally hard.

I like meeting people of different trades. They always have interesting stories. I love stories.  I am a story-teller.  My husband often falls asleep to my never ending stories.

After abusing my virgin chain-saw… by trying to cut multiple brushes and mini trees… my little chainsaw went dull… I wish.  I put the chain on backwards!  So, I took that as a sign to close shop.

I went home to appreciate the tranquility of my own home.  The established grass, clean walls, clean carpet, and cool air.  I appreciated the garden, the berries, and the flowers.

All of that hard work already done.  Just sitting back and collecting the rewards.

Sometimes I wonder why I got myself into this mess! It’s only day two.  Take a breath.  Tomorrow is day three, but also Monday.

Contractor comes.. He will be on the clock.  Dumpster comes, they need cash. Gotta order garage doors.  Gotta find a summer camp for the kids, gotta work out,  Gotta do my laundry!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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