Renovations: Day one of Reno-gimme the keys 

Virgin flipper here.  Brought all of my tools.  Getting ready to work outside on this hot, hot day.  Kids are at a local beach with my mom, and we are dipping in our own pool of sweat.

Goal to flip this home that has been neglected for 17 years in 30 days.  Ivy.  Over grown Ivy.

You can’t even see the house. We pulled off 3/4 of it and found four big birds nests.  We ruined an ecosystem.  Empty thankfully.  There is one nest with two eggs on the upstairs windowsill so we can’t pull that Ivy… Yet.  We will get to watch beautiful Mother Nature.

Eleven random trees.  Once beautiful, but left to die in their own overgrowth. We wanted to replant them because we are treehuggers of that sort- but it was just too labor intensive. I was sad.  I was feeling like the Onceler.

As we started our day, twenty minutes into working – I severed my extension cord with my trimmer.  Ugh.

Out to buy some new extension cord…. And… A CHAINSAW!!! What I always wanted!!!!!  I’m a power tools kinda gal.

We worked for a good 8 hours.  Not bad for a first day.  Met some really nice neighbours, ate some delish local food. We had a good time. The kids were tired. My husband drove the first batch of kids home.

Tomorrow, we are going to take the two boys to a kids fishing Derby.  Family life balance.  I feel tremendously guilty doing this flip during summer break. This is time for the kids to enjoy, relax, and travel.  Well not for the first month.

Balance.  I keep telling myself.   Balance. And that’s why I’m having a glass of wine tonight… Even though I’m on a diet.. I enjoyed a glass of wine.  Balance.

Peace out.  Day two will bring new adventures I’m sure.

My husband.., climbing half the ladder since he is afraid of heights.  But he loves me and is support my goals and dreams.

All of our hard work.  Day 1.

Dumb move.

The massive trees just randomly planted everywhere.

Our dove either laying on eggs or about to lay eggs…

Keys to my first house!

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